Area 2 – EDM

Dirty Quickly (Bangarang! Philly)
|k|rex| (DirtyGirlBoner Productions/ Dames of Dub, Philly)
Matty Kismet (Clean Crew, Philly)
Mike Alba (Humpin House Monkeys, Philly)
Monica Sharp (NY)
Pete Stone (Bangarang! Philly)
Triptronik (Bass Station, Fabulous Nightlife, Philly)

Bryon Stout (, FOH, Philly)
Dirty (Sundae, Steppin Out, D24K Philly)
DZA (Hello World, FOH, Philly)
J Kapps (Back From The Grave, Philly)
jay Shok (Light It Up, Philly)
Jay Yo (Danceteria, Local+Only, Philly)
Kebunny (Propaganda, Philly: Party Liberation Front, Richmond, VA)
Sy Phonik (Kj215, Foundation, Light It Up, Philly)
Venus 7 (Diva Of The Deep, Pressure Radio UK, Philly)

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