About Us

Bangaroc is the love child of ROC Entertainment and the creative group Bangarang.

Bangarang is a loosely formed collective of artists, musicians, performers and creative individuals. These people as a collective are some of the most amazing and beautiful people you will ever meet in your life.  Although they don’t currently run their own camp at burning man, many of its members are behind many of the amazing things that happen in other Burning Man camps.  Besides burning man, Bangarang has thrown many electronic music events over the years. Creating magical worlds where they take the guest into a journey of mind-blowing deco and themes.

ROC Entertainment, although a newly formed group, its members have over 5 decades of event planing experience combined. Since its introduction to the Philadelphia Market in 2010, ROC has quickly risen to become one of the major producers of electronic music events. Unlike many companies, ROC supports any positive event thrown by any positive production company. ROC lives by the philosophy “The better you do, the better we do” and have tried to reach out and help/support as many as possible over the last year and a half.   Using many personal connections and relationships of its founding members, ROC has set up many strategic partnerships with existing production companies, sound rental companies and venues in the city.

ROC has very high standards when it comes to event production. Operating under the belief that every good event is rooted in amazing music and an experience built from there. Over the last year, ROC has made a substantial investment in sound equipment,  to be able to provide an incredible & consistant audio experience.

One of ROC’s strategic partners is with Wiggle Productions/Proper Phase. Wiggle is helping produce this event, bringing their 20+ years of engineering and impressive collection of sound.

These two groups joined together for the first time in April 2011 to produce Carnival.  Each bringing to the table their own strengths and experience. The result was absolutely magical. Carnival was a multi-genre, interactive experience, high production event. It was not a copy of someone else’s idea, but a unique experience.

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