Area 4 – EDM

Hito (Tigerhook, Philly)
Just Jess (G2, Thuggin’ Stiletto, Philly)
Lady Prowl (Double Dutch, Subdivision Philly)
Mike Panic (611, Philly)
Philip Charles (Tigerhook, Bedrock, Selekta Philly/NY/Tampa)
Scorpion (Rave Gear, Philly)
Shane Dunbar (Sweet Carlone, Philly

Adrian Hardy (Lotus Media, Summertime, Philly)
Adrock (Afterworld, Philly)
Deache (Rizumu, BSP Philly)
Dmytrok (Rizumu, Philly)
Hector Rodriquez Jr (People Of The Banner Of The Sun, Bx NY/Philly)
Mitek (Psyhooshka, Philly)
No Headphones (Rizumu, Philly)
Rudy Kardos (Rizumu, Philly)
Ryan Gallagher (Plays Well With, Philly)

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