Theme Camps

Chillax Deluxe


You are wandering across the playa, hot & thirsty.  You badly need an icy drink.
Your expanded mindset is beginning to get intense.  You need a meditative spot to refocus.
You need rest but can’t seem to fall asleep.  If only you could be lulled into a psychedelic nap!
Everywhere you go there is noisy Dance music overlapping… You want some gorgeous soulful sounds to pleasure your mind.
The cute burner on your left is asking for a VIP massage.  You need a sensual spot to take them!


An ambient music cafe & lounge where you will be caressed by deep lush grooves of Chill out, Down tempo, Trip hop & Ambient music.  Chillax Deluxe is an oasis where you are guaranteed plenty of ice water, shade, places to recline & sensual soothing sexy beats at low conversation volume.  An intimate & relaxing escape from the rigors of ROC always Raging On & Bangarangers Banging & Ranging all that Racket!  At night time, enjoy our psychedelic lighting sculptures & recline watching out visual projections on the overhead screen  We are a haven for nappers, philosophers, smokers, yogis, masseuses, rollers & love makers around the clock.  Our area is very spacious, easily able to accommodate enough people for your lecture or demonstration.


Pickled Playland:


Welcome to an oasis of silliness. Feeling like you need to get away and enjoy some good old fashioned giggles? Than let’s all get PICKLED!!!! Games, crafts, toys and a barrage of bad jokes.  We’ll be enjoying home made pickles and pickle back shots around the clock! (which is a shot of liquor followed by a shot of pickle juice, YUM!)  So bring positive vibes, your favorite toy and leave any serious talk behind…..its PICKLE TIME!

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