On Going

Exchange Of Fun

WHERE: Pickled Playland

Not sure if you are digging your over sized sunglasses anymore? Is that top hat not fitting your noggin as snug as you’d like?  Maybe your outfit is missing a sash, a scarf, a boa or a bonnet? Perhaps you need to ditch that t-shirt and trade it in for something with a little more pizzazz! Just bring something fun and exchange it for something else! Masks, horns, fairy dust, stickers, belts and more! We all love stuff so show us yours and you can play with ours 😉

Shared Art

WHERE: Pickled Playland

Life is a blank canvas. And what’s life without your friends? So let’s get together and turn a canvas or two into something beautiful, crazy and fun! All materials will be provided but please feel free to bring anything that inspires you; paint, glitter, buttons, feathers, silly string…..the sky is the limit! All levels are encouraged to participate, this way we can share, learn and teach.

Chillax Deluxe Playlist

WHERE: Chillax Deluxe

Sensual, soft grooves… lush, swirling psychedelic ambiences… deep, soulful chilled-out bass lines… Crush jazzy beats & light tempos… Immerse your mind in the perfect oasis of sound with the Chillax Deluxe Playlist.  Featuring over 100 artists in down tempo, chill out, soul, trip hop, jazzy breaks, liquid jungle & dub, reggae, ambient & soundscape genres, with every single track hand-picked & selected for one of our many themed playlists that correspond to every event & time of day throughout your weekend festival.  Breathe & stretch to our Morning Yoga Ambient selection… Take a mind journey with our beatless washes during the Afternoon Nap show… spin your poi to the jazzy & sensual Sex playlist… or Roll around on our cushions to the deep lush “Saturday Night MDMA” show.  No matter what your plans, the Chillax Deluxe music selection is guaranteed to make you purrrrrrr like a sleepy horny kitten, all weekend long.

Cafe & Beverages

WHERE: Chillax Deluxe
If only there was ONE PLACE where you always knew for SURE that you could get ICE WATER all weekend long… *sigh* Wait… YOU CAN!  That’s right!  All the time, anytime, night or day, help yourself from our ice water cooler which never runs out!  Drink deep in the shade & restore yourself.  Join us in the morning for hot coffee before our Morning Yoga at 11:00am; or enjoy cold iced coffee around the clock (until it runs out).  Sip from our hookahs & enjoy one of the many flavors of shisha on our menu. Cool & refresh your body & mind at the Chillax Deluxe Oasis.

Body Painting by Liz Glitz:
Looking for the right accessory to go with that outfit?  Nothing in your bags of costumes working.  Stop by Pickled Playland to get painted up by Liz Glitz.

Roller Disco:

Brought to you by Deathwaltz.  Bring your skates and jam out in our indoor

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