Line Up


Damn Wrong!
Grimace Federation
Becca Schack
Speaker Bot
Concentrated Dopeness
West Philadelphia Orchestra
Greg D.
Mercury Radio Theater
Chris Are
Double D
Jason Fraticelli & The Wet Dreams
White Boy Frank
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
Sonic Spank
Leana Song
Fraction Theory
Space Jesus
Tha Itis


DJ Line Up

AB Logic of Hoodfellas (Smoke City Music, Hudd Traxx, NY)
Adrian Hardy (Lotus Media, Summertime, Philly)
Adrock (Afterworld, Philly)
Bamboo (Agency Sounds, Swing Kids, CT)
Bass Kitty (Bangarang! Philly)
Bryon Stout (, FOH, Philly)
Chris Love (Love Sound Project, SOUP, Stuck On Earth, NY)
Chris Patrick (Murderati, Nightwerks,, NY)
Christian James (Soulson, Fallout, Philly)
Corey B (DEFCON, Infinite Knowledge) DRUM & BASS//DUB STEP
Conscious Pilot (Sub.FM, DEFCON, Play Me Recs, Basshead Recs, Shift Recs, Perk Recs, Philly) DUBSTEP
Da Panty Droppas aka Unicron & Moonchild (Dubstep Mafia, Philth Feens, Philly)
Dave McAlister (Thumpstead, VA)
Deache (Rizumu, BSP Philly)
Deep C (ROC, Bangarang! Wamdue Kids, Philly)
Dirty (Sundae, Steppin Out, D24K Philly)
Dirty Quickly (Bangarang! Philly)
DJ Freedom (Wiggle, Undaground Set, Philly)
DJ Obscure (B.A.D. Ass, Symbiotic, LBX, VA)
DJ Scotto (NASA, NYC/Philly)
Down Jones & Mason (Gasm, P5, Freak, Metalheadz, Bedlam, Philly)
DZA (Hello World, FOH, Philly)
Elemental (B.A.D. Ass, Good Vibes, Essence, Baltimore-MD)
Elvis Suarez (Phuture Disco Phunk, Philly)
Empress (Empower, NYC)
Geoffro (Deejays At Large, Harrisburg, PA)
Ghost (Light It Up, Philly)
Grayfox (, Bedlam) DRUM AND BASS
Grindhouse (Dirty recordz, Heavy Artillery, Twisted Monkey, Mutated Sound) DUBSTEP
Hector Rodriquez Jr (People Of The Banner Of The Sun, Bx NY/Philly)
Hito (Tigerhook, Philly)
Hugh Cleal (Coyote Cuts, Juiced, Open Bar, Detroit)
J Smooth – GFS Productions//ASCAP – Philly
Jay Yo (Danceteria, Local+Only, Philly)
Jeff Heart (Wiggle, Philly)
Jeff Omega (Selekta Recordings, FOH, Light It Up, Philly)
J Kapps (Back From The Grave, Philly)
J Me (Sinister Movement, B.A.D. Ass, Pittsburg)
J Smooth (GFS Productions//ASCAP) Jungle/Drum and Bass Philly
John G (Hands Up! Get Wet, Philly)
Just Jess (G2, Thuggin’ Stiletto, Philly)
Karma (Digital Conspiracy, Essence, Good Vibes, T.N.T. Balt-MD)
Kebunny (Propaganda, Philly: Party Liberation Front, Richmond, VA)
|k|rex| (DirtyGirlBoner Productions/ Dames of Dub, Philly)
Lady Prowl (Double Dutch, Subdivision Philly)
Lara aka DJ Pos (Inciting, No Love, Nightwerks NY)
Malphunktion (Symbiotic, B.A.D. Ass, Good Vibes, Baltimore-MD)
Matt Cue (Playloop,, Philly)
Matty Kismet (Clean Crew, Philly)
Merenda (Dolo Solo, Brooklyn, NY)
Mike Alba (Humpin House Monkeys, Philly)
Mike Panic (611, Philly)
Mitek (Psyhooshka, Philly)
Monica Sharp (NY)
Nate Dark (Propaganda, Bangarang! Philly)
Navillus (Plays Well With, Philly)
Nick Jagger (Coyote Cuts, Love Sound Project, NY)
Niko (Fallout, Inner Circle, Philly)
Noistek (Digital Conspiracy, Good Vibes, LBX, Mindocracy Recs, VA)
Onionz (Electrik Soul, Chocolate Factory NY)
Penpal (DEFCON, Sector One//NEPA) – DUBSTEP
Pete Stone (Bangarang! Philly)
Philip Charles (Tigerhook, Bedrock, Selekta Philly/NY/Tampa)
Rkaid & Joppa – NJ Bass Ent.//Dirty Jersey Prod//GBA//Flight Recs. – NJ
Rob Paine (Worship Rec, Shakedown, Philly)
Ronnie Dubbz (Sound For The Masses, Philly)
Rudy Kardos (Rizumu, Philly)
Rx (B.A.D.Ass/ 3D/ Euphoric, VA)
Ryan Gallagher (Plays Well With, Philly)
Scorpion (Rage Gear)
Seraph (DEFCON, Bedlam,, Philly) DRUM AND BASS
Shane Dunbar (Sweet Carlone, Philly)
Steve Hype & Fake Brit (Trenton House Society, NJ)
Sticky Data (Konkrete Jungle, 3IKC, F4tty Promo, Grimy Goblins, Philly)
Switcha (KJ215, New Junglist Massive, Bangarang! Philly)
Swingkidd (MDK Recordings, Concept Crew, KJ215, Best Mood, Philly)
Sy Phonik (Kj215, Foundation, Light It Up, Philly)
Triptronik (Bass Station, Fabulous Nightlife, Philly)
Troy Tallent (81 Massive, Dharma Sounds, DC)
Venus 7 (Diva Of The Deep, Pressure Radio UK, Philly)
Wattie Green (Coyote Cuts, Juiced, Flapjack, Nashville TN)
Yan (Dirty Audio, VT, Philly)
Zavi Z (12 Hr DJ SET – Adults@Play, WorldWide Playground)-Chill Area

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