Our Vision

Our vision is to build music and experience driven, interactive events. Our themes are not just based on the name, but what to expect. Live actors, amazing DJs, insane visuals and a new level of interactivity. We hope to build this together with you, hand in hand as we guide each other into an untold future filled with excitement and learning.

With Bangaroc City, we hope to create a yearly  retreat for a select few, away from the busy pace of the the city. To reconnect people with nature, friends, music, arts and allow their soul to reset. An opportunity to forget about the daily grind as they sit under a tree, swim in a pool, play a game of sports with new friends or take advantage of one of the various activities planned. We are very excited to be standing here, looking forward to what will come.

We look forward to seeing and meeting all of you, people we are already connected to through friends or friends of friends, this labor day weekend. As our community comes together as the family it really is.

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